Udruženje hematologa i transfuziologa FBiH


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iwCAR-T Virtual Meeting

VJHemOnc is the official media partner of the iwCAR-T Virtual Meeting!

This virtual workshop will cover trial updates and the latest thinking in CAR-T & cellular therapies from international leading experts in hematological oncology, featuring cutting edge presentations and live interactive panel discussions.

Register your place before the 29th of October!


Program (all times in EST)

Thursday: October 29 2020

10:00 AM
Introduction & Meeting Objectives
John Gribben & David Maloney

10:05 – 11:25 AM
Session I: CAR-T in ALL
Chairs: Noelle Frey & Bijal Shah

  • Novel CAR-T approaches for ALL: Rebecca Gardner
  • CAR-T in adult ALL: Claire Roddie
  • Allogeneic CAR-T in ALL: Bijal Shah
  • Remission & Persistence: Shannon Maude

Panel discussion

11:25 – 12:45 PM
Session II: CAR-T in AML
Chairs: Saar Gill & John DiPersio

  • Overview: Saar Gill
  • CAR-T vs BiTEs for AML: John DiPersio
  • NKG2D and anti-CD33 CAR-T: David Sallman
  • CART-123 for AML: Elizabeth Budde

Panel discussion

12:45 – 14:00 PM
Session III: CAR-T in CLL
Chairs: John Gribben & David Porter

  • Update CLL CAR-T trial landscape/JCAR: Tanya Siddiqi
  • Long-term outcomes of anti-CD19 CAR-T in R/R CLL: David Porter
  • CAR-T NK treatments in CLL: Katy Rezvani
  • The role of CLL tumor cells in resistance to anti-CAR-T cell therapy: Joseph Melenhorst

Panel discussion

End of scientific session, Day 1

Friday: October 30 2020

10:00 AM
Introduction from co-chairs
John Gribben & David Maloney

10:00 – 11:15 AM
Session IV: CAR-T in Lymphoma
Chairs: Fred Locke & Caron Jacobsen

  • CD19-CAR T-cells - trial updates: Jeremy Abramson
  • CD30 update: Barbara Savoldo
  • CD5 and CD7 CAR T-cells: Max Mamonkin

Panel discussion

11:15 – 12:35 PM
Session V: CAR-T in Myeloma
Chairs: Yi Lin & Noopur Raje

  • BCMA CAR-T - ready for standard of care practice?: Nina Shah
  • CAR-T trials in China: myeloma and CAR-T landscape in China: Jianxiang Wang
  • BiTEs vs CARs: Hermann Einselle
  • Beyond BCMA, other novel CAR-T targets and combinations: Eric Smith

Panel discussion

12:35 – 13:50 PM
Session V: Evolution of cellular therapies
Chairs: David Maloney & TBC

  • Tmod CAR T-cells targeting loss of heterozygosity: William Go
  • Repeat CAR-T infusions (ALL, NHL, CLL): Jordan Gauthier
  • Informed design of engineered T-cell therapies for cancer: Stan Riddell
  • Novel CAR platforms - allogeneic CAR-T, CAR-NK: Michael Hudecek

Panel discussion

Final meeting summary & conclusions